[vtkusers] Windows interactor zoom not working correctly

Chris Myers myers at tc.cornell.edu
Wed Feb 7 11:16:49 EST 2001

I'm experiencing an unusual problem with the zooming functionality of
the vtkRenderWindowInteractor under Windows 2000.

I'm running vtk3.1.2, installed from the binary distribution, and I'm
driving it with Python.

The problem is that, for a particular application I've put together,
the interactor does not zoom out.  I can zoom in from the initial
rendering, but when I zoom back out, the zooming stops at the scale
of the initial display, as if it had hit some glass ceiling.

This problem does not happen under Windows with the example scripts in
the distribution (e.g., examplesPython/cells.py).  There I get full
zooming capability as expected.

This problem also does not happen under Linux; that is, the problem
with the application under Windows does not arise under Linux, where I
have full zooming capability.  This suggests I have not accidentally
hardwired some sort of limit in my code (not that I could imagine what
such a limit would be).

Does anyone have any ideas on why this might or happening, or what I
might be able to do to fix it?  It's annoying, to say the least.



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