[vtkusers] where is shading table?

Lisa Sobierajski Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Sat Feb 3 00:08:26 EST 2001

Hello Wolfram,

These tables are simply arrays of floating point values mapping encoded 
gradient index to red/green/blue diffuse and specular values. This is 
information internal to the volume renderer (both the ray caster and the 2D 
texture mapper use similar tables).


At 06:10 AM 2/2/2001, Wolfram H Volpi wrote:
>Hello, I am looking for the data structures for DiffuseShadingTable and
>I did not find them in vtkVolumeRayCastStructures or
>vtkEncodedGradientShader.  Please tell me where they are.
>Thank you,
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