[vtkusers] yet more vtk + gui questions

Joey Mukherjee joey at phobos.space.swri.edu
Fri Feb 2 10:15:01 EST 2001

>A while back there were some threads on this list w.r.t. a cross-platform
>GUI for VTK.  I have experimented with FLTK and VTK (using John Shalf and
>Frank Da's classes) and this works very well under X-based systems but there
>is no support for Windows.  

In regards to FLTK:

I never could get Frank Da's class to work or even compile.  John Shalf stuff 
worked to some extent, but it wasn't quite optimal for my needs.

However, David Pont and myself (mainly David) have done some work with a new 
class of FLTK support.  It works to some extent on both Unix and Windows.  On 
Unix, I don't have any problems.  On Windows, occassionally, the mouse will get 
stuck and the objects will spin forever.  Its odd.

I'd be happy to send you (or anyone else) our code and hopefully we can make it 
as rock solid as the native stuff...


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