[vtkusers] How to locate the vtkpolydata?...Help:(....me

leung fung man german_leung at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 01:23:39 EST 2001

Dear all VTK user:
I am facing a problem in vtkpolydata, I have two sets of vtkpolydata to 
build a two block A and B.  How can I relocate the position of the block?  
Can I set the origin of block A and than update the position of the origin?
On the other hand, I want to permanently delete cell in the block A when the 
cell of the block B and block A was touch together. Can I use the delete() 
method the do this?

I urgently need some advise please give me some idea of this...!
Please help!!

Thank you for your assistance!!

Best regards,
German Leung

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