[vtkusers] Install error in vtkNightlyCpp.exe

jpretru at socabim.fr jpretru at socabim.fr
Mon Sep 25 09:45:53 EDT 2000

>>This has been fixed as of today.

Thank you very much.
But when I'd download vtkNightlyCpp.EXE from "How to Get The Visualization
Toolkit Nightly Releases" page, I obtain the same bug ("I/O Error" during

After this, I go to ftp site, I see that there are two files :

I get vtkNightlyCpp.exe and it works.


Jean-Paul RETRU
jpretru at socabim.fr
9 bis, Villa du Bel-Air
75012 PARIS
Tel.: (+33) 1 43 44 72 73
Fax.: (+33) 1 43 45 93 08

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At 12:25 PM 9/18/2000 +0200, jpretru at socabim.fr wrote:
>I'd download today the vtkNightlyCpp.exe and I have the same problem than

This has been fixed as of today.

- Thanks
- Ken

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