[vtkusers] vtkCutter

Audrius Stundzia advanced.biologic at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 21 15:04:03 EDT 2000

Hi Kalpathi / vtkusers,

Did you ever get an answer to the vtkCutter question that you posted?

I'm having the same problem, except that I'm cutting a PolyData surface
with a plane
oriented with normal =  (0,0,1) and centre (0,0,10).
I've checked that the plane intersects the surface.
I'd expect a contour output in the cutting plane consisting of lines,
but I'm getting nothing.

Any insight would be most appreciated.



Original query from krs below:

Trying to use vtkCutter (with a plane) for the first time...

I used a simple structured grid volume (with points reflecting a
rectilinear grid). I am able
to get cut planes along the XY plane (normal of 0,0.1), but in the other

2 planes I
get a blank screen. For simplicity, I choose the origin to be the center

of the volume.
What could possibly cause this?  I will stare at the examples more.

Related qn: on a structured grid, do you have to explicitly call
ComputeBounds() to
get the bounding box updated? Even with this, somehow, my bounding box
I get
seems to be always 0-1 in each dimension.


    -- krs

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