[vtkusers] wxPython VTK flickering - request for new method in vtkRenderWindow

Maurizio Turatti mturatti at ais.it
Thu Sep 21 04:04:21 EDT 2000

I think you should better post on the wx-users mailing list, because it is not a
problem one can solve in wxPython. I can't follow this thing now, I hope next
week, but I'm very busy at work.


On 20/09/2000 20.18.03 Prabhu Ramachandran  wrote:

>>>>>> "Maurizio" == Maurizio Turatti <mturatti at ais.it> writes:
>    Maurizio> Sorry, I really have no time these days, I'm very busy
>    Maurizio> at work. I can come back on this maybe next week.
>    I dont mind waiting.  But, is it a prolem for you to do it
>next week?
>I am new to wxPython and am not on any of the wx* lists.  I can
>however post on the wxpython list and mention the problem and hope for
>solutions.  So if it would be very hard for you to follow this up I
>can try.  If you want me to try would it be enough if I posted at the
>wxpython mailing list?
>prabhu - att1.eml

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