[vtkusers] RE: vtk and fltk problem

John Shalf jshalf at lbl.gov
Tue Sep 19 02:20:32 EDT 2000

Unfortunately, I never got around to getting it to work under NT.  I'm too much of a
Unix/Linux geek.  Most of the platform-dependent code is in vtkFlRenderWindow.cxx which is
hacked directly from the vtkOpenGLRenderWindow class.  So if you do a 'diff' between the
original vtkOpenGLRenderWindow and the FlRenderWindow, you'll see that there are not very
changes involved there.  You can probably figure a way to do the same sort of conversion from
the vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow.  The fl_vtk_render_window is pretty much generic code which
shouldn't have much which makes it platform-dependent.

If you *do* port this to NT, please let me know.  This is one of the most-requested-features
for the vtkFlRenderWindow and I don't have the resources to address it.

Also, should look at Frank Da's extension to allow the FLTK renderwindow to use regular VTK
interactors.  My original version had its own hardcoded virtual trackball interactor.


Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:

> hi,
> To use FLTK with vtk try the vtkFlRenderWindow by J. Shalf.  Get it
> here:
>         http://zeus.ncsa.uiuc.edu/~jshalf/VTK/vtkFlRenderWindow/
> prabhu
> >>>>> "Dai" == Dai Chong <ascdai at yahoo.com> writes:
>     Dai> Dear Robert, Currently I am working on both Windows NT and
>     Dai> UNIX.  In order to use FLTK on NT, you must include both
>     Dai> fltk.lib and wsock32.lib.
> <snip>
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