[vtkusers] help-Collision Detection In VTK?

leung fung man german_leung at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 18 00:49:15 EDT 2000

Dear all VTK user:
I use the vtk3DSImporter to import two 3DS object as below:
vtk3DSImporter importer

importer SetRenderWindow renWin
importer ComputeNormalsOn
importer SetFileName "$VTK_DATA/Viewpoint/hipjoin.3DS"
importer Read

vtk3DSImporter importer1
importer1 SetRenderWindow renWin
importer1 ComputeNormalsOn
importer1 SetFileName "$VTK_DATA/Viewpoint/cutter.3DS"
importer1 Read
I want to ask is there any function in VTK can provide the collision
detection in two 3DS. object?
Another question is --- the VTK can give me the coordinate of the object  
display on the RenderWindow?
Any information will be appreciated.
Best regards,
German Leung

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