[vtkusers] vtk User Code Compilation Problems

Kent Vander Velden graphix at iastate.edu
Sat Sep 16 14:01:44 EDT 2000


  Are the nightly releases for MS Windows built with VTK_USE_ANSI_STDLIB
defined and exception handling turned on?  I just want to check if I can
safely download the nightly build as a binary or must rebuild from the
source code.


>VTK already has the capability. You have to compile with the compile-flag
>VTK_USE_ANSI_STDLIB. You'll also want to set appropriate compiler flags.
>(For example, in MS Visual C++, set the advanced flags in pcmaker to:
>(the /GX turns on exception handling, Zm1000 requests 10x more compiler

Kent Vander Velden
kent at iastate.edu

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