[vtkusers] VC++ stack overflow problem

Miguel Angel Martin Fernandez vtk at helios.tel.uva.es
Thu Sep 14 09:56:17 EDT 2000

Hello dear users,

	I've made a class in vtk with a lot of recursion (basically a
filling algorithm). I've been wroking in linux and I haven't got any
problem at all. But now, I'm trying to port it to a SG with Windows NT and
VC++. It compiles well, but I try to probe it with an example made in C++
an I obtain a stack overflow.

	Do you know if I can change something in the compilation
parameters to avoid this problem? I'm really a newbie in VC++. I used to
work a long time ago with Borland and it was posible to change the memory

	Any help or suggestion will be welcome!

	Thanks in advance.

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