[vtkusers] VC6 + MFC: can't run with a recent Nightly

Maurizio Turatti mturatti at ais.it
Mon Sep 11 11:37:11 EDT 2000

I have a problem with a VTK Nightly (date 2000/09/06, revision 1.622). I'm using
Visual C++ 6 and the MFC sample doesn't work. It compiles, but when I run the
program it suddenly close with a dr. Watson's error message "Application Error",
then the process remains idle in memory. This happens also with another VTK
program which uses MFC. The same programs run fine with a 2000/05/29 VTK
release, compiling with Visual C++ 5.
I don't know if this behaviour is caused by VTK or VC6.


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