[vtkusers] Re: Cameras in vtkQGL and vtkandqt compared with Vtk

Kent Vander Velden graphix at iastate.edu
Sat Sep 9 17:20:10 EDT 2000

  Is there anyone else that always seems to figure out the answer
to their question just minutes after posting to a public mailing list? :)

  Anyway, I compared the source code of vtkInteractorStyle.cxx to that of
the interactor in vtkandqt and found the reason for the problem seem to 
how vtkandqt updates the clipping range.  vtkandqt tries to manipulate it 
directly using the zoomfactor while vtkInteractorStyle.cxx simply calls
ResetCameraClippingRange().  After I changed vtkandqt to do the same
everything works great.

  I will submit the changes to the vtkandqt author.  The best solution would
be to use vtkInteractorStyle instead of reimplementing the functionality... 


Kent Vander Velden
kent at iastate.edu

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