[vtkusers] Simplest Way To : display normals (move normals to vectors)

Bill Lorensen wlorens1 at nycap.rr.com
Thu Sep 7 22:51:01 EDT 2000

Also seems to me that HedgeHog should have a method

At 04:43 AM 9/8/00 +0200, Sebastien BARRE wrote:
>At 22:29 07/09/00 -0400, You wrote:
> >contrib/examplesTcl/OBJReader.tcl uses Glyph3D to display normals.
>Héhé, this is it, one of these tricks :), I'm feeling plain stupid :)
>vtkGlyph3D glyph
>     glyph SetInput ...
>     glyph SetSource ...
>     glyph SetVectorModeToUseNormal
>     glyph SetScaleModeToScaleByVector
>That was obvious :) The glyph has to be very simple, therefore if you replace the usual vtkConeSource or vtkSphereSource with a vtkLineSource, it does the trick. Deserves a FAQ or HOWTO, maybe one day...

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