[vtkusers] time-series; streaklines

Robert Belleman robbel at wins.uva.nl
Thu Sep 7 04:33:12 EDT 2000

On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 03:08:01PM -0500, Randy Heiland wrote:
> Before I start thinking about this too hard and hurt my brain, has
> anyone given much thought/work towards an implementation of
> streaklines/particles for time-dependent vector fields within VTK?

I'm not sure exactly whether you mean particle visualization in vector
fields that change over time or animated particle releases in a static
vector field. If you mean the latter; I have played with vtkStreamLine to
create animated particle releases.

Attached you will find a Vtk/Tcl script and an example data set that
illustrate the idea. I have stripped it of all decorative code in the
hope that it's simple enough to understand. The basic idea is to use the
data generated by vtkStreamLine to animate a sphere-shaped particle over
the positions of the streamline.

Good luck,
-- Rob

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