[vtkusers] Proposed Changes to vtkRenderWindowInteractor

David Gobbi dgobbi at irus.rri.on.ca
Tue Sep 5 13:06:51 EDT 2000

Hi All,

I've been doing some work recently on adding new features to the
vtkRenderWindowInteractor as well as removing inconsistencies 
between the X and Win32 versions.  Please comment if you think
these are or aren't good ideas.

1) I've added 'OnKeyRelease' and 'OnKeyPress' virtual methods
   to supplement the 'OnChar' method.  The two new methods provide
   not only the key char, but also a XWindows-style KeySym string.
   This means that you can catch the cursor keys ("Left", "Right" etc.)
   or "Caps_Lock", "Control_L", etc.  Just like with Tk.

   I left in the old OnKeyUp and OnKeyDown methods, but I recommend that
   people avoid them because
   a) they were never functional on UNIX, only Win32 
   b) on Win32 they provided a Win32 'Virtual Key Code' instead of an
      ascii character, so they were weren't portable anyway

2) I've added vtkRenderWindowInteractor::CursorHiddenOn()/Off() to
   allow the user to turn off the mouse cursor.  We prefer to use
   a 3D-Rendered cursor, so the ability to hide the mouse cursor
   is nice.

Hopefully I'll commit these changes later this week.  

 - David

  David Gobbi, MSc                    dgobbi at irus.rri.on.ca
  Advanced Imaging Research Group
  Robarts Research Institute, University of Western Ontario

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