[vtkusers] "Flickering" in 2D images. Repost

luis.uriarte at philips.com luis.uriarte at philips.com
Mon Sep 4 12:16:37 EDT 2000

This is a repost of an unanswered question.
I tried to keep the mail as simple as possible, but if you need any extra information please let me know.
Thanks a lot,

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Luis Uriarte
30/08/2000 10:46 PM
To:	vtkusers at public.kitware.com@SMTP
Subject:	"Flickering" in 2D images
Classification:	Restricted

Hello vtker´s

I´m using vtkWin32OpenGLImageWindow to display 2D medical images in Win95 using VC++ 6.0 and VTK 3.1.2. I have no problem displaying them but when I change the grayscale I have an annoying effect. The window first goes black and after a short instant the 
new image is displayed. This really bothers when you try to change the grayscale in a continuous way, because it makes some kind of flickering on the window.
I have played with the Erase and DoubleBuffer attributes with no positive results.
Can anybody give a hint on what I´m missing?
Thanks a lot


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