[vtkusers] New VTK user. Some questions?

Carlos Martínez cmarbur at iti.upv.es
Fri Sep 1 06:40:36 EDT 2000


First of all, sorry for the length of this email.

I have recently found the VTK toolkit and I don't know much about it. I want
to ask you some questions. I have seen some pictures and I see that the
result is very impressive. If you can help me I'll be very pleased with you.
In this case, I'll buy the documentation books and become in another VTK

I am developing an archeological project. The objectives of this project is
to develop a software to manage archeological excavations doing a
classification of the objects found. Furthermore an object's visualization
is needed. This visualization has to be able to show cross sections of the
excavations and other things like transparent object visualization, query of
object's properties and perhaps realtime navigation. I need to know what can
I do with VTK.

In the excavations there are objects like stratigraphic layers, walls,
vessels, skeletons and other. Some of these objects are physical sites but
other like stratigraphic layers and walls are more complex and its shape and
volume are needed. The user input to describe these objects is a point set
sampled from the object surface. I want to know if VTK can reconstruct the
shape of the objects and after do cross sections of a group of them. What
can I use surface reconstruction or 3D Delaunay triangularization. Does 3D
Delaunay triangularization give the convex hull of the point set or the
shape with concavities?

I could have some problems because the stratigraphic layers are introduced
from its interfaces, when another layer is found. Could I obtain two closed
objects from three interfaces in the manner of the objects have the same
surface for the middle interface and it is not possible that some holes can
appear? I suppose that this is similar to 3D constrained triangularization.
Is it possible with VTK?

I want to know what can I do with VTK and what can't I do, doing myself. Are
surface reconstruction and 3D Delaunay triangularization covered on the

Thanks and sorry for my English. I am Spanish and I don't write/speak
English very well but I can read it well, I think. If there is someone that
speak Spanish I'll be very pleased to explain my problems better.

Thanks again.

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