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Naoko Takaya takaya at cv.cs.ritsumei.ac.jp
Fri Sep 1 02:35:28 EDT 2000

To Vtkusers,

Apparently, the mails I have been sending  are in Japanese
enconding, so some people can't  read them.
I'm very sorry for this. 
Now, I changed the enconding to plain text form, so 
I hope all of you can read it.
Thank you Elizeu for informing:)

> I want to visualize the volume using vtkStructuredPoint
> but I keep on getting the volume of a cube with the dimension
> I defined. In the pgm, I want a volume of a sphere using
> equation. Please tell me what is wrong with my pgm. 
> This might be an easy question, but any help will be
> appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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