[vtkusers] RE: Problem in saving data generated from unstructured points!

George Kamucha kamucha at hfm.e-technik.uni-kassel.de
Tue Oct 31 08:56:20 EST 2000

Sorry Prabhu,  that I couldn't reply to your letter  immediately, I had taken a
short break from here. Here are a few lines which I used to save the structured
point data, of course using your great suggestion:
( the data to be saved is popSurface, and I defined the writer as dsw)

vtkDataSetWriter  *dsw =  vtkDataSetWriter::New();

That worked but I didn't rejoice for long. I have realised that with  the
splatting technique, I have lost the finer details of the original data. Well, I
am trying another method of presenting my data. Thanks a lot for your great idea,
bye bye!



Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:

> hi,
> it would be interesting to know how you did it.  The messages at
> vtkusers are archived.  So please post your solution to the list.  If
> you feel funny about that, atleast let me know.
> thanks
> prabhu
> >>>>> "George" == George Kamucha <kamucha at hfm.e-technik.uni-kassel.de> writes:
>     George> I have finally managed to save the data into a
>     George> file. Please ignore this question, thanks a lot.

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