[vtkusers] Building VTK on LINUX

Matthew Gillen mgillen at p1.cs.ohiou.edu
Mon Oct 30 23:36:16 EST 2000

> I tried to build VTK with the following options:
> configure --with-x --with-shared --with-contrib --with-patented
--with-tcl --with-tkwidget --with-mesa --with-opengl  
> Can anybody give me some hints how to solve this problem ??
> Thanks

use only mesa or opengl.  If you're having problems compiling  with the
--with-mesa flag (stuff about OSMesa), it's because some binary packages
of Mesa don't come with the Off-screen rendering that Mesa is supposed to
offer.  The simplest solution is to just use the --with-opengl flag
instead (your Mesa installation should have set some symlinks so that
libMesa.so and libGL.so are the same thing) and it should work fine. 

Matt Gillen

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