[vtkusers] Re: Picking in Win32/MFC

Nigel Nunn nNunn at ausport.gov.au
Mon Oct 30 11:48:08 EST 2000

Hi Chris and Peter, 
I worked through the problem of porting the pickCells.cxx 
example to the MFC framework.  The result was a very neat 
panel generation interface for constructing 3D models to 
feed to a panel-method solver. 
I will have some time beginning next week to re-do that 
pickCells.cxx translation.  Perhaps if I were to get a 
robust and clear MFC version of pickCells.cxx, we could 
make it available as an extended VC++ workspace: 
More later, 
----- Chris Tsui [chris at traxtal.com] wrote ----- 
here's the question: 
how do I use the VTK pick functions (vtkCellPicker) to 
return the coordinate of the cell I click on the object? 
by left clicking on the screen, it would rotate the 
object, do I have to override this function in order 
to return the coordinate of the cell I pick?  
and how do I do that? 
the class function vtkMFCRenderView() under the class 
vtkMFCRenderView has several mouse event handler, I 
added some codes there for the case WM_LBUTTONDOWN..  
but seems that it has conflicts... 
Thanks for you help :) 
--- [p.boettcher at anat.vetmed.uni-muenchen.de] wrote --- 
I try to implement vtkRenderWindowInteractor into a 
dialog-based MFC-Application. I don't use the 
Win32-Interactor! Unfortunately I don't find the right 
declaration for iren->SetEndPickMethod(????). 
In a DOS-based application I used:

static void PickCells(void *)

void main(void)
  vtkPointPicker *picker = vtkPointPicker::New();

  vtkRenderWindowInteractor *iren = 

  iren->SetEndPickMethod(PickCells,(void *)iren);

static void PickCells(void *arg)
  vtkRenderWindowInteractor *iren = 
           (vtkRenderWindowInteractor *)arg;
  vtkPointPicker *picker = 
           (vtkPointPicker *)iren->GetPicker();

This works fine for DOS-based application, unfortunately 
the declaration isn't the same for windows-based applications? 
Any example code or suggestions, how to get this work? 
Peter Böttcher 
----------- end ----------- 

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