[vtkusers] Writing Image Slices with unsigned short data type

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Sat Oct 28 07:33:19 EDT 2000

At 28/10/00 06:07, Asad A. Abu-Tarif wrote:

>Is there any Image writer that takes vtkStructuredPoints as its input and 
>writes the image slices to standart image format(s)? I found vtkBMPWriter 
>and vtkTIFFWriter, however, these deal only with unsigned char input type. 
>My data is 2 bytes long (unsigned short) and hence I need some other image 

BMP won't support unsigned short anyway.
The TIFF format does, theoritically. I do remember that the TIFF reader is 
able to read 16 bits data, si I guess the writer does the same. Try this 
out, and test the result with Photoshop for example (which is able to 
handle 16 bits).
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