[vtkusers] developing application based on the sample VTK program

Tao-Pak Chris Tsui tsuitp at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 16:34:35 EDT 2000

Greeting VTK guru!

I just downloaded the VTK package last week and I am
still a newbie to it.. 

anyways, here is the silli question I hope you guys
can give me a hand:

currently I use the sample VC++ program (the one comes
with the VTK package) as the skeleton of my own
project.  both the mouse buttons are assigned to
different functionality....  left is for turning the
object in the rendering windor.. while the right one
is for zooming in and out..  my project needs to pick
a cell from the object, is there any way to override
any of these button's functionality?  and what is the
class that is responsible for capturing mouse clicking
movement?  Thanks so much!


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