[vtkusers] vtk and python - some questions.

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Wed Oct 25 10:07:13 EDT 2000

At 25/10/00 09:59, David Gobbi wrote:

>I brought up a similar suggestion a few months ago, but using typedefs for
>return types (i.e. 'vtkfloat4' instead of just 'float *'), specifically so
>that the 'hints' file could be eliminated.

Yes, I remember that, David (but I think it was on the developper list).

>The feeling I got from Ken
>Martin was that large changes like that were fine as long as 1) they were
>well thought-out and 2) a large number of people agreed that the change
>was a good idea.
>I, for one, think that typedefs are a good idea as they are applied _very
>consistently_, i.e. someone has to put together a detailed list of all
>the typedefs that will be used (as well as rules for adding new ones in
>the future) and a bunch of us have to agree on them.

I do perfectly agree with you. Thus, there is now *two* people that think 
that it's a good idea :)

I guess some people could browse the source, put together typedef's 
suggestions, then submit it here. Do we have "green light" for this ? It's 
gonna take some time, and I'm not sure I can allocate time for this if 
there is no single chance that it will be included in the VTK source in the 
future : this is the kind of work I can not apply on my own source as I'm 
using the CVS, and it would be too much hassle to maintain two versions 
locally with that kind of differences at source level (same is true for the 
couple of #ifdef that we could include on top of the .cxx to enable 
precompiled headers).

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