[vtkusers] vtkOpenGLOffscreenRenderWindow + vtkTexture

Carsten Kübler kuebler at ira.uka.de
Wed Oct 25 03:04:26 EDT 2000


I posted some bugs with VTK and OpenGL-Windows and QT. The Reason for
your problem is a dirty design in the OpenGL classes. I hope this will
be changed in the next version. Your Problem is in the vtkOpenGLTexture
class. It casts the RenderWindow to XOpenGLRenderwindow or a
Win32OpenGLRenderWindow and calls the method RegisterTexture() --> all
other OpenGL implementations are disregard. There is a second class with
the same problem....

For more information see my posting about VTK QT and bugs....

   Carsten Kübler
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