[vtkusers] Re: VTk and MFC application

Nigel Nunn nNunn at ausport.gov.au
Mon Oct 23 11:42:47 EDT 2000

Vineet Gupta [vineetseema at hotmail.com] wrote: 
> I am creating VTK application using MFC in Visual C++.  
> I have created the application that generates the volume 
> in VTK window using classes written in MFC application.  
> I have a picture window in the MFC application that I want
> the vtk volume to be displayed in.  Can someone tell me 
> how get the VTK window to display on the Picture Window 
> of the MFC Application.

Hi Vineet Gupta,
Many of us MFC users begin with the Vtk/MFC example called 
"Sample" that you can get with the current nightlies, or 
by downloading vtkNightlyCpp.EXE. 
This approach is to fill a vtkPropCollection with actors, 
then add them to your "picture view" during OnUpdate(): 
Notice that the vtkPropCollection is held as a member 
in the CDocument-derived class: 
  propc = this->GetDocument()->GetProps(); 

See:  /vtkNightly/Sample/SampleView.cpp 
// CPictureView message handlers 
// ... 
// ... 
void CPictureView::OnUpdate(CView*, LPARAM, CObject*) 
  vtkPropCollection *propc; 
  vtkProp *prop; 
  // first remove any old actors 
  propc = this->GetDocument()->GetProps(); 
  while (prop = propc->GetNextProp()) 
  this->vtkMFCRenderView::OnUpdate(pSender, lHint, pHint); 
If this is confusing, you can familiarise yourself with 
the implied Document/View architecture by working through 
the Scribble tutorial that comes with Visual C++. 
Good luck, 

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