[vtkusers] Problem with vtkPolyDataReader

Etienne Labuschagne etiennel at geospace.co.za
Thu Oct 19 11:15:45 EDT 2000

Hi there:

I get an error when trying to use vtkPolyDataReader. It pops up a box with
External exception EEEFACE - code below is what I have written:

vtkPolyDataReader * pdr = vtkPolyDataReader::New();
vtkPolyData * pd;
pd = pdr->GetOutput();
pd->Update(); <--- causes exception

Here is the block of code where the exception is thrown (in usefacet.h):

inline const Facet &use_facet (const locale &loc _RWSTD_SELECT_FACET) //
RW_BUG not marked as inline
  // Ensure that Facet has a static member named id, and (via cast) that it
  // of type locale::id, and obtain from it (via size_t conversion operator)
  // the private numeric index associated with type Facet for this run.
  size_t i=(const locale::id&) Facet::id;

  // Get pointer to facet from locale.
  const __RWSTD::facet_imp *f=loc.get_facet(i);

  // If facet is not explicitly present in locale yet, use private function
  // locale::__make_explicit to construct it or retrieve it from a cache,
  // install it in the locale.  This function can throw bad_cast or other
  // exceptions.
  if (!f)
        __RWSTD::facet_maker<Facet>::maker_func); <------Exception (

  return (const Facet&)*f;


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