[vtkusers] Big number of actors

Mark Beall mbeall2 at simmetrix.com
Tue Oct 17 17:12:51 EDT 2000

There was a fix to reduce memory requirements in this case that 
was introduced into vtk sometime after the 3.1 release.
You might want to check if the nightlies works better for you.

Beyond that there are performance issues when you have large 
numbers (e.g. 1000's) of actors. Sometime in the past few months
I posted a message about one of them. This issue is still unresolved.
There are other issues that also need to be solved, but in conversations
with the Kitware folks, I believe that there are known options 
to solve them, however without a fix to the first problem, fixing
these won't help.


>>See the examples:
>>They both use Glyphs to display molecules.
>  These are nice examples, but what if a person wants to be able to
>pick individual atoms (individual spheres)?  Then, must there be an
>individual actor for each atom?  I have experimented with CellPicker,
>but it is unclear how to use it for this purpose.

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