[vtkusers] colormap on Solaris

Audrius Stundzia adv_biologic at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 17 14:56:45 EDT 2000

coneActor->SetColor( 0.1    // R (Range 0 -> 1)
                   , 0.2    // G
                   , 0.4 ); // B

would be the simplest before moving on to vtkLookupTable


>From: "Michael D. Sokoloff" <sokoloff at physics.uc.edu>
>To: vtkusers at public.kitware.com
>CC: sokoloff at physics.uc.edu
>Subject: [vtkusers] colormap on Solaris
>Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 11:27:16 -0700
>I just installed vtk3.1 on a solaris system which I log into using CDE.
>I built the shared libraries (after one small change to conform to an
>ARM/c++-4.xx requirement)  and am able to execute "vtk Cone.tcl" more or
>less successfully.  The "less successfully" part is that the colors do
>not come out "right". And I do not know how to use the colormap
>option.   Can someone provide me with guidance on this??
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