[vtkusers] vtk on Macintosh OSX

Harris Scott R CIV AFRL/SNJM Scott.Harris at wpafb.af.mil
Thu Oct 12 11:41:50 EDT 2000

Now that OSX public beta is out, I'm very interested.

I've been running Linux on my various Macs just to use VTK and Python, but
I'd love to move back to the Mac OS.

Let me know how I can help.

I'd also like to see wxPython on the Mac, but that's another issue.

-Scott Harris

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I would like to gauge level of interest in this...

I have vtk running on OSX DP4. Python wrappers work, no reason tcl wrappers shouldn't.
All the examples in graphics run properly.

This involved a new vtkRenderWindow, vtkRenderWindowInteractor, some ObjC bridge code to interact with the Quartz window manager, a couple of ObjC classes plus some config/makefile tweaking.

At this point it is not much beyond the curiosity stage, but if anyone has DP4 installed on a machine and would like to try it out, please let me know.

DP4 is covered by an Apple NDA, so I am not going to generally release this stuff at this point.

 - Yves

Yves Starreveld
Image Guided Surgery Lab
Robarts Research Institute
London, Ontario, Canada

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