[vtkusers] vtkTcl under WinNT/2000, MS VS C++

Nigel Nunn nNunn at ausport.gov.au
Thu Oct 12 00:43:27 EDT 2000

Hi Wolfram,
>  Error in startup script 
>  ! invalid command name "vtkRenderer" 
>  while executing 
>  "vtkRenderer ren1" 
>  (file "C:\VTK31CD\vtk\graphics\examplesTcl\hello.tcl" line 11) 
I got this problem using TCL 8.3.2. 
Fixed by: 
1.  building the nightly source as usual, including vtkTcl.dll 
2.  downloading vtk312Tcl.EXE (to get the included tcl/tk 8.2!) 
3.  run vtk312Tcl.EXE. 
    This puts a pre-built vtkTcl.dll in, e.g. WinNT/system32 
    then copies: 
    then associates TCL scripts with this "wish82.exe" 
4.  Delete the pre-built WinNT/system32/vtkTcl.dll 
5.  Use your set of DLLs built from source. 
Good luck! 

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