[vtkusers] Irix distrib

Maurizio Turatti mturatti at ais.it
Wed Oct 11 11:24:47 EDT 2000

Well, I was able to compile vtk, but I don't know much about tardists, so you
could try to compile it yourself. Is Tcl/Tk 8.0.4 installed properly? If not,
download the tardist from http://freeware.sgi.com and install both Tcl and Tk.
I'm adding here my user.make config file, you should change it accordingly to
your configuration, because I use gcc:

# this file can be used to override any of the values selected
# by configure in system.make.  At a minimum you should set
# the following Tcl/Tk values if you are planning to use Tcl/Tk 8.0

TCL_INCLUDE=-I/usr/freeware/include/tkTCL_LIB=-L/usr/freeware/lib32 -ltcl8.0
TK_INCLUDE=-I/usr/freeware/include/tclTK_LIB=-L/usr/freeware/lib32 -ltk8.0

# for python you must set this

# Add additional CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS for compilation
# uncomment the following two lines to set your own flags


VTK_SHLIB_BUILD_FLAGS=-shared -rdata_shared -n32

This worked for me, hope it helps.


On 11/10/2000 16.43.41 Elie Jamaa  wrote:

>Hiya -
>I'm desperately trying to get hold of an easily installable distribution
>of the latest vtk package for Irix. I tried to compile one myself on
>several occasions but I always end up having a problem with
>53743:/usr/local/vtk/bin/vtk: rld: Fatal Error: attempted access to
>unresolvable symbol in /usr/local/vtk/lib32/libVTKGraphicsTcl.so:
>Is there anybody working on SGIs who took the time of setting up a
>tardist of the latest VTK version ?
>ANY help would be lovely.
>Thanks in advance,
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