[vtkusers] Known limits on marching cubes ?

Yves Collenot Yves.Collenot at sanofi-synthelabo.com
Wed Oct 11 10:13:34 EDT 2000

Hi vtkusers,

I'm trying to contour stacks of X images using VtkMarchingCubes.
The images represent a block of 512 x 512 x 128 8-bit images.

My pipeline is basic : 
* vtkImageImporter (using a pointer on raw data without saving data) : importer->SetImportVoidPointer(wk1, 0);
* vtkMarchingCubes (with one isovalue)
* vtkIVWriter

My problem is I get several error messages :
ERROR:In d:?nightly?vtk?common?vtkIntArray.cxx, line 216
vtkIntArray(0x008C5720): Cannot allocate memory

But it works fine for a smaller set of images (128 x 128 x 128, 8 bits).

I suppose I overtake a memory limit somewhere.

Does anybody have experienced such problems ?
I would be interested in knowing how big images processed by vtkMarchingCubes can be.



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