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Patric.Weis at mycrona.de Patric.Weis at mycrona.de
Wed Oct 11 06:22:57 EDT 2000

Hi Mauricio,


    myDataset Update

before calling GetNumberOfCells.

If you have not yet rendered the scene, you must use Update() or Execute()
to bring
the network up-to-date. For further information please see 'Implicit
Control of Execution' on pages 102-103 of the book 'The Visualization
Toolkit 2nd Edition'.

Patric Weis

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   Hi My name is Mauricio am a student of engineering, am a new  user of
   vtk and am trying to count the
    number of cells in a dataset (especifically counts the number of cells
   generated by vtkMarchingCubes or vtkContourFilter (is the same I
   think)), then I tried this:

    set numcells [GetNumberOfCells]

    but doesn't work , aldo I tried :

   vtkContourFilter myDataset
    set numcells [ [myDataset GetOutput] GetNumberOfCells]

    but guess..it doesn't work either. :) .. ( I receive numcells=0  )
     Do you know what is the right form ?

    thanks in advance

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