[vtkusers] Stitching together StructuredGrids.

Fletcher, Bob (GEAE) bob.fletcher at ae.ge.com
Tue Oct 10 17:23:24 EDT 2000


I have a StructuredGrid that is 1 X 10 X 10 (for example).  I want to extend
this into a 3D grid by translating or rotating the 2D grid, and stitching the
resulting two grids together.  Eventually I'll  do this multiplte times and end
up with a 10X10X10 (for example).

The problem is, once I copy and translate the grid, is there any way to stick
two vtkStructuredGrid's together to make a bigger grid. ( assuming of course
that the number of  grid line matches correctly.)

It seems that this should be similar to stacking up medical imaging slices.
Also, an extrusion filter seems relavent but only works on PolyData.......

Any thoughts?


Bob Fletcher,                                                       
GEAE Analysis and Engineering Systes

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