[vtkusers] Re: faster compilation (was ANSI C++ stdlib issue (windows), precompiled header (fixed))

John Biddiscombe j.biddiscombe at rl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 10 09:25:29 EDT 2000

>#ifdef USE_PCH
>#  ifdef _MSC_VER
>#    include "vtkPrecompiledHeaders.h"
>#    pragma hdrstop
>#  endif

I've been on about this many times. Needless to say I'd be very grateful
for this inclusion. I'll also volunteer to edit all the *.cxx files and add
it in

One caveat.

include "vtkPrecompiledHeaders.h"

is not my preffered choice, but

#include "PrecompiledHeader.h"

is better. The reason : When using precompiled headers (under borland), the
header(s) to be precompiled should be named identically and in the same
order on all cxx files (INCLUDING NON VTK PROJECT FILES)
If you compile one project using precompiled headers, then move to a second
project, but wish to include one or more of the same files in a different
project, the name vtkPrecompiledHeader may not be appropriate, but I find
that if all projects simply stick to

#include "PrecompiledHeader.h"

I can insert vtk related ones in some places and non vtk ones in others.
Thus mixing projects is better - especially when you have
which are used in some vtk projects and some non.



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