[vtkusers] vtkLocal3.1 available

Miguel Angel Martin Fernandez vtk at helios.tel.uva.es
Mon Oct 9 12:50:46 EDT 2000

Hello dear users,

	I've released the new version of my script, vtkLocal, for VTK 3.1 
under linux and other *ix systems.

	It allows you to create new local Toolkits for VTK. It's intented
mainly for development of new classes in systems where VTK is used by
several users, allowing each user to create his own classes grouped in as
many toolkits (and libraries) as he wants.

	The local directory in the distribution is suited for systems
where only one user is developing new classes, but in shared systems,
several problems arise:

	* This directory is usually read-only for the users.
	* The correct linking of the libVTKLocal libraries depends on the
	  classes of other users.

	If you have also experienced these problems, try using it.

	You can download vtkLocal3.1 by anonymous ftp in 


Any comments and suggestions will be welcome.


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