[vtkusers] vtkEdgeFollower?

Marco Petrone m.petrone at cineca.it
Tue Oct 3 13:22:19 EDT 2000

Sven Prevrhal wrote:

> Thanks,
> I have successfully used your code! I also found out about edgels (from the Tcl example
> Canny.tcl), and after linking and filtering the edgels to extract the contour of interest, I
> connect them with vtkPolyDataConnectivity. It works, except one problem: If there's even a tiny
> hole in the contour, then the connectivity filter cannot jump over it. Is there a remedy for that?
> sven

Well, I've used a  vtkCleanPolyData and a vtkStripper to cleanup the result of the
vtkPolyDataConnectivityFilter. The output is the contour of the main object, consisting of one or
more cells containing contiguous lines.

Hope this is what you needed. Otherwise, what about send me some image to test your code?



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