[vtkusers] Adding class to vtk source install

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Mon Oct 2 13:16:52 EDT 2000

At 02/10/00 05:33, Wolfram H Volpi wrote:

I'm not using the vtk/local/ facility for various (good) reasons, but my 
own build scheme. Anyway, I tried the following :

>vtk3.1 source install on NT 4.0 with MS VC++ 6.0 compiler.

I'm using VTK 3.2 (CVS), NT4, MSVC 6.

>Added new class to D:\vtk31CD\vtk\local\
>   vtkVolumPropertyCubic.h
>   vtkVolumPropertyCubic.cxx

Added :

>Added class to D:\vtk31CD\vtk\local\Makefile.in
>  vtkVolumePropertyCubic

Added to local\Makefile.in


(I guess your CONCRTETE misspelling is not in your Makefile.in, but just in 
your email)

>clicked on D:\vtk31CD\vtk\pcmaker\cpmaker.exe
>   OK

I did too. Check that "Additional tookits : Local" is checked.

> From MSDOS Command Prompt C:\vtkbin\Debug>nmake

I'm not using Debug\, therefore performed nmake in the vtkbin directory. 
Try too.

Then I was able to run a Tcl script :
load vtktcl
vtksbDistanceToPoint myObject

=> no problem

>clicked on D:\My Documents\MRI\volCubic\volCubic.tcl
>OS Error in startupscript
>! invalid command name "vtkVolumePropertyCubic"
>     while executing "vtkVolumePropertyCubic io_prop"

But what about all other VTK classes ? Did any of the Tcl script work ?
a) in your script, do not forget to load the VTK Tcl lib (vtktcl.dll) :
catch {load vtktcl}
b) check that vtktcl.dll is in your PATH : Tcl might fail because it was 
not able to load vtktcl. Add your VTK build dir to the PATH : vtkbin/lib

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