VTK what is it?

Casteel, Don dcasteel at TAC.Textron.com
Mon Jan 31 10:05:12 EST 2000

Where can I download the precompiled binaries? I'm looking at the download
page here: http://www.kitware.com/vtkhtml/vtkdata/HowToGetSoftware.html
but it's unclear as to which download I need and which need to be compiled
and which are pre-compiled.  

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Hi Don-

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Please reply to my work e-mail address: dcasteel at tac.textron.com, or
contact me directly at (423)744-1109

I've been looking over the VTK web site, and am extreemly interested in
your products for a specific application. A few things aren't clear

>From what I see VTK is a graphical/scientific API. Assuming this is
correct, does it come with the required compilers?

You provide the compiler, or if you download the precompiled binaries,
you can use Tcl, Java, or Python and write "interpreted" scripts.

I see there are Java libraries, I already know a little Java & Java3d,
but building my application from scratch is a daunting task. Will VTK
simplify development?

VTK will simplify development in that the functionality for graphics
and visualization data processing is done for you. You still have to
code the GUI, etc.

I need a particle system based fluid simulation package similar to
"RealFlow" ( http://www.realflow.com/ <http://www.realflow.com/>  ).
RealFlow has some limitations
which at this point do not allow it to work for what I need. My
application requires a powerful customizable particle system, would I
have to build it from scratch, or does VTK contain most of what I'd

You'd probably have to do a fair amount of work, VTK supports points
but probably not in the way that particle systems need. On the other hand, 
you've got the source and we are always looking for contributions.

Basically I am curious if using VTK means I have to learn a whole new
programming language, or if I can accomplish my objectives with some
simple limited programming?

Being an OO system, learning VTK means learning about the objects and 
what you can do with them - there's no getting around that. The VTK objects
fairly high level and there are 500 examples distributed with the code, so
very powerful and quick to learn.

Here's some products and other info about vtk.

Please be advised that the best place to report VTK bugs / questions is on
the VTK Users mailing list. It is likely that you will obtain a faster
response since this list is read frequently by many VTK developers and
users. More information on this list can be found at:

http <http://www.kitware.com/vtkhtml/vtkdata/subscribe.html>
<http://www.kitware.com/vtkhtml/vtkdata/subscribe.html> html

For your information, the following products and services are available from
Kitware, Inc:

The VTK User's Guide
Everything you need to install, use, and extend VTK. Detailed examples,
installation procedures, developers guide, file format descriptions, how to
write imaging and graphics filters, plus data object API details for VTK
version 2.3. Includes source code, updated HTML documentation, release
notes, data, and PC binaries. User's Guide is 300 pages, CD-ROM. $60 +
shipping. (Note: shipping fee is $4 US/Canada or $16 International.)

Professional Subscription / 1-Year Support & Releases
One year, single contact support for Unix and PC systems, plus The VTK
User's Guide, release notes, and a years worth of software updates. Support
is via e-mail and phone and includes installation assistance, bug fixes,
limited development support, and one working day response time. If you or
your small organization depend on VTK to get your work done, this is the
choice for you. $1,500.

Site License Support
One year site support for any number of Unix and PC systems. Includes The
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Gold Site Support
Gold site support is designed for advanced sites which need the benefits of
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their working environment. Gold site support provides for any number of Unix
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Consulting and Training
Per hour and fixed-fee consulting and VTK training. We will help you create
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to use VTK to build your own. Courses can be held on-site, if desired. Work
with the developers of VTK to build high performance, professional VTK
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