Jonathan M. Gilligan jonathan.gilligan at vanderbilt.edu
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<x-flowed>No. Using the MDI with just the Win32 C API is documented in Petzold's book 
and in the Platform SDK reference. There are MDI examples in the W32 SDK as 
well (e.g., Multipad). MFC just puts wrappers around the basic W32 API and 
then pumps it up with the Doc/View framework and some improved message routing.

At 10:50 AM 1/27/2000 , Damion Shelton wrote:
>This might be an indication of my ignorance about non-MFC Visual C++, but
>doesn't the phrase "MDI Win32 Application" imply that MFC is being used?
>MDI is just a "programming metaphor" anyway... right? I'm developing an MDI
>VC++ 6.0 / VTK 2.4 application using the MFC document-view architecture
>(based on the example in th 2.4 distribution) and haven't had any problems.
>Damion Shelton
>University of Pittsburgh
>Musculoskeletal Research Center

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