Fire and Ice

Tom G. Smith smitty at
Thu Jan 27 08:24:18 EST 2000


I simply could not resist :-)
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> Hello,
> I am experiencing, here in icy upstate New York the same strange
> "consumption of system resources" by cone3.cxx as Professor le Grange
> is in sunny Africa. Before the world ends in either fire or ice,
> could some kind wizard please, please? come to the rescue? Thank you,
> in advance,
> James Bell
> Cooperstown, NY USA
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> Hallo everyone
> When one runs the attached version of cone3.cxx under Windows95 and rotate
> it a bit, the system complains that more than 90 percent of all system
> resources were consumed. One can also monitor this behaviour watching the
> resource meter under system tools.
> I have included three bitmaps showing this behaviour.
> My 95 system has 512 MB Ram and plenty of hard disk space.
> The problem is that when one works with this situation it happens that the
> screen gets blank after a while an no plotting is possible anymore -
> possibly due to no system resources left.
> The phenomenon can easily be seen when one increases the resolution of the
> cone data, i.e.
>     cone->SetResolution(1118); - see attached file
> The phenomenon further has to do with using vtkLabeledDataMapper.
> My first question is what kind of resources are used in such abundance?
> My second question is how can one work around this problem? It is not
> uncommon to use a few thousand of labels for numbering points. This however
> seemed to be impossible on my 95 machine.
> Thirdly, how can I release these resources in use and go on working further?
> I have tried things like
> coneMapper->ReleaseGraphicsResources(renWindow) (see attached file),
> but the resources monitor of Win95 indicates that no resources are freed.
> Thanks in advance, Louis
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