MFC & vtkWriter problem

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Sat Jan 22 03:13:36 EST 2000

Hi Asad:

Thanks for your response. However, I wasn't the one who posted
the question. It was Agris Klimkans <agris at>.
I don't know if you cc'd him, so I am sending this message to him also.
Your suggested workarounds are also good alternatives to my suggestion
of rendering to memory. However I would disagree that the CFileDialog
should disappear upon return from DoModal, because screen repaint is
done on a separate thread and there is no guarentee that the repaint
occurs before the program executes the statement following DoModal.
I tested Agris's sample code on a machine with dual 550 MH processors and I
still got the dialog box! Also, as I mentioned, any other window that
might cover the vtk window (for example, a help window that always
stays on top) will get captured, so I think the safest thing to
do is to render to memory.


> The CFileDialog should disappear when you return from the DoModal()
> function. which means that when you say
> if(dlg.DoModal()==IDOK)
> it means that the dialog after the if statement should have been already
> disappeared. Since you are saying that you are catching part of it, then
> your system is slower. One way around this is to initialize a timer for
> a second or so before capturing the screen which can gaurantee you that
> dialog will disappear before you capture the window.
> Another way to get around the problem is to post a window update message
> first (either using MFC or by issueing a Render command) and then capture
> the screen. I guess that this will force the window to update itself and
> remove the dialog before you capture the screen.
> good luck.
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