reading siemens CT from an MO drive

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Fri Jan 21 08:45:56 EST 2000

<x-flowed>At 13:07 21/01/00 +0100, Jan Stifter a écrit:

The famous MO problem :)

>recently, i got an mo drive containing important ct data which i
>should visualize. my problem: how do i access the data? i have no idea
>about the filesystem, so i am not able to mount the disc.
>since i know, that on this list are a lot of people with knowledge in
>this area, i would be very glad, if somebody could help.
>the ct machine is a siemens somatom plus 4. the disc i got is a
>DEC-702 Optical Disk. i am in contact with siemens, but unfortunately,
>got no answer until today.

>Speaking of WORM's and MOD's, they are the same unreadable media as used 
>by GE, but of course have a different filesystem. When used as archive
>devices these are not the standard unix file system, and you will not see 
>any evidence of a mounted device doing a "mount" or "df", even though when
>you stick one in the drive the application automatically detects it and 
>mounts it. It is said in the release notes that one can actually format 
>and mount one
>of these as a unix filesystem instead (the MOD at least) but I don't know 
>how to do it, and haven't discovered, not possessing one of them there Pioneer
>drives to read one on.

Same stuff with me, three years ago. Same device, same MO. I was unable to 
read my disks using on Solaris, because these MO were formatted in a 
proprietary way. Finally, I succeed but this is very difficult, and 
involves some tricky manipulations with data-loss risks.

Impossible using Windows NT...

I have no longer such problems, as our devices are able to export as DICOM 
on CDROM or MO. *Reformat* your MO disk using Windows NT Disk 
Administrator, then go to the main console and export as ACR/NEMA, SPI, or 
DICOM to your disk. Or export to a free space, and ask your sysadmin to 
move the data to your disk. Or use a DICOM client (good luck :).

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