Keeping a vtkDataSet* after reading

Evert-jan Vonken evertjan at
Wed Jan 19 02:58:46 EST 2000


In an DiskIO routine I would like to have a call like
vtkDataSet* readstuff(char* filename);
In readstuff a vtkDataSetReader* io=vtkdataSetReader::New();
instance is created.
After reading, I want to return the DataSet, but after the
vtkDataSet* result=io->getOutput();
    io->setNthOutput(0,result); io->Update();
(which works)
vtkDataSetReader->Delete(); to clean up, the dataset is no longer valid?

How can I prevent Delete() from destroying the dataset,
setting the referenced count of the result or Register() do not seem to
I'm using the nightly release of 12/19/99 on WinNT.



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