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Tue Jan 18 04:33:39 EST 2000

<x-flowed>At 08:23 18/01/00 -0800, Stefan Job a écrit:

>I have slice images numbered im0001  to im00100, if I construct a
>surface with the class (vtkImageReader, vtkMarchingCubes,....) I get a
>nice object, but apparently it is built the wrong way.

What do you mean exactly ?

>The first image
>is not at the right position.

But is it really the first image ? Did you check that your acquisition was 
done in the right order ? If you are using DICOM or ACR/NEMA images, I 
might have a tool for you, that renames files based on their content 
(acquisition date/time, image order, whatever).

>Is there another way of changing the build
>order other than renaming the slice files (im00100 --> im00001, im00099
>--> im00002, ....) ?

What pattern are you using with the Reader ?

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