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Sebastien Barre barre at sic.sp2mi.univ-poitiers.fr
Tue Jan 18 04:29:39 EST 2000

<x-flowed>At 15:33 18/01/00 +1300, Colin Christian a écrit:

>I have some nice visualisations which look fantastic on screen -

Any possibility to have a look at these ? :)

If you are working on a nice VTK application, feel free to send me a link 
so that I might add it to :

>I am
>trying to find a good way to get these into a word document at a
>good resolution for publication.

>I think i have seen this discussed before but i have no record of it

Paul gave you some insights. Actually what I do is much simpler, just a 
screenshot :) Hit the "Print Screen" key, than paste the screen into 
Photoshop (or use a decent screenshot software, which allows you to grab 
just a window). Using a 1200x1000 screen resolution, this gives pretty good 
results on our color or B&W laser printer, I've just sent a publication 
with VTK illustrations built that way.

>The other part of the exercise is to
>convert them to greyscale which also seems to cause a degredation
>as well.

Photoshop will do the trick. Convert to grayscale, and play with 

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