VDE 2000 Announcement and CFP

Steve Thorpe thorpe at ncsc.org
Mon Jan 17 13:52:03 EST 2000

          Workshop Announcement and CFP
    Visualization Development Environments 2000
               April 27-28, 2000
            Princeton, New Jersey USA

We are happy to announce the first annual Visualization 
Development Environments meeting.  This workshop will be 
at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (Princeton, 
NJ) on Thursday April 27 and Friday April 28.  
Co-organizers are Scott Klasky (sklasky at pppl.gov) 
and Steve Thorpe (thorpe at ncsc.org).

Please join us for this event which will bring together 
researchers from visualization with users who are 
interested in learning about visualization toolkit 

In particular, we feel this will be a good forum to learn 
more about these packages, and make suggestions to the 
vendors! We will focus on five visualization packages, 
and have one vendor from each present an overall 
view of their system.  The packages are AVS/Express, 
OpenDX (IBM Data Explorer), the Visualization Toolkit 
(VTK), Iris Explorer, and IDL .  We will then have three 
users for each package present material on the 
application(s) they built with this particular tool.  
Finally, we would like to demonstrate these toolkits, 
visualizing data from different areas of science in a 
"Toolkit Showdown".

If you have created visualizations using one of these 
packages that you'd like to share, we encourage you to
submit a short abstract.  Authors are invited to submit 
abstracts for papers that demonstrate timely results,
technologies, or experiences with one (or more) of the 
visualization development environments mentioned above.
The workshop seeks to encompass a broad range of 
visualization application areas related to these 
environments. Suggested topics include, but are not 
limited to: 

  o Computational Physics 

  o Image Processing 

  o Biomedical Imaging 

  o Virtual Reality 

  o Volume Visualization 

  o Computational Chemistry 

  o Computational Fluid Dynamics 

  o Oil and Gas Exploration 

  o Earth Sciences 

  o Desktop Visualizations of Remote Parallel Programs 

  o Visualization of Large Datasets 

  o Distributed Visualization 

  o Integration of 3rd party applications or your 
    custom developed C, C++, FORTRAN, and/or Java code 
    with a visualization application 

If you would like to present, please email Scott Klasky
(sklasky at pppl.gov) by February 14, 2000 with a 1 page 
abstract. Talks will be taken from papers from the accepted 
submissions, with a limit of 4 pages/paper. Papers 
should describe the goal of the visualization and any 
software written for it, the use of the visualization 
software, feedback from the "user(s)", etc. 

    Important dates:
Monday February 14 : Abstracts due at 5 PM EST to 
                     sklasky at pppl.gov

Wednesday March 1  : Acceptances Notified

Wednesday March 29 : Final papers and author registration 
                     due at 5PM EST

Wednesday April 5  : Toolkit Showdown datasets released
                     on web no later than this date
April 27-28        : VDE2000!!!!

If you'd like to attend or submit an abstract, further 
information is available from the VDE 2000 URL 


including a preliminary schedule of events, registration
instructions, directions to the workshop and lodging
information.  Please feel free to email us directly if
you have any questions.  Also please circulate this
announcement among your potentially interested 

Thank you and we hope to see you in April!

          Scott Klasky                             Steve Thorpe
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory    North Carolina Supercomputing Center
         (609) 243-3035                           (919) 248-1161
        sklasky at pppl.gov                         thorpe at ncsc.org
       http://www.pppl.gov                     http://www.ncsc.org

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