I need help with SetOrigin!

Daniel Gayo Avello uov02539 at correo.uniovi.es
Sat Jan 15 17:48:55 EST 2000

	Hi, everybody! I'm developping an app where I can select some actors
(primitives) via interface, I mean, you can have now an actor selected
and then four and then only two; I want to move, rotate and scale
(them). Moving is OK, rotating and scaling is OK for only one actor but
when I have more than one selected I do this:

	- Calculate the center of the selection.
	- Set the origin of each actor to this center (I yet translate the
world coordinates of the point to each actor coordinate system).
	- Then I scale or rotate the set of selected objects.

	The problem is that when I deselect one object (or the whole
selection), the position of each actor changes, they maintain the scale
and orientation but return to their original position. So...

	Can somebody explain a bit about the SetOrigin method (more than the
VTK User's Guide), or better, the way to rotate (or scale) a set of
objects from an arbitrary axe and change whenever you want this axe but
maintaining relative positions among actors?

	Thanks a lot! Oh, just a moment, I'm using VTK 2.4 with Tcl/Tk.

uov02539 at correo.uniovi.es


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